Special needs patients need a special kind of MRI. A traditional MRI is difficult for many people to handle, given the confined space and loud noises inside. This goes double for special needs patients. They will have difficulty understanding the test they are taking and realizing the safety of an MRI when they are faced with those conditions. But even more challenging than the struggle to comprehend it is the added misery that sensory issues and similar issues will bring. Also, patients whose conditions make physical positioning complicated are often unable to even be placed in the supine position required by typical MRIs. These types of problems can make an MRI for a special needs patient extraordinarily difficult — if not impossible.

Thanks to the Paramed MROpen in Innovative MRI Partners facilities, special needs patients no longer have to be subjected to a scary and otherwise distressing test. The open platform allows multiple positions and an open area. Thus, patients can be positioned as needed, and there is no confinement to overload their senses or cause them to be overcome with terror. Innovative MRI Partners provides a special MRI for these special patients.