Patients are our main focus at Innovative MRI Partners. Our facilities provide a level of patient comfort that was almost unfathomable only a few years ago. Utilizing a truly open MRI means patients can be relaxed, and instead of staring at the confines of machinery in front of their faces, they may look out a window or at a television screen.

When it comes to medical testing, we know that patients are already in enough stress from trying to find out what is ailing them. That's why our truly open MRI is so important. Patients are able to be in a device that does not enclose them and add to their pressures. Yet the fear of another missed problem can be also allayed when they realize that the MRI system from Innovative MRI Partners has a track record of finding problems that traditional MRIs fail to detect thanks to its weight-bearing capabilities. What was once missed while in a lying down position can now be found sitting, standing, or flexing.

Choose a topic below to learn about the benefits of a truly open MRI.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Bariatric (Weight) Problems

Pulmonary Patients
Special Needs
Sports Injuries
Weight Bearing

CLICK HERE to watch video testimonials of people who, despite their previous difficulties with traditional MRIs, have experienced the truly open MRI from Innovative MRI Partners.