LOCATIONS IN: Pensacola, FLLake Mary (Orlando), FL
To be announced: Tampa Bay, FL • Jacksonville, FL

The Paramed MROpen (Positional Open MRI) is an innovative imaging system that is truly open. Patients are no longer subjected to the claustrophobia-inducing confines of the traditional MRI. Even more recent products advertised as "Open MRI" are very difficult for many people to endure. The Positional Open MRI system that we specialize in at Innovative MRI Partners truly IS open. Patients speak glowingly of the positive experiences they have with the Positional Open MRI, as you can see from testimonials on this site and those of our partner facilities.

However, the greatest benefit of the truly open MRI of Innovative MRI Partners is the unique diagnostic capabilities. Imaging in closed MRI systems is conducted in a supine position. But the Positional Open MRI allows patients to be scanned sitting or standing, or in flexed and weight bearing positions. This enables doctors to uncover pathologies which are hidden in the traditional position.

The Truly Open MRI system of Innovative MRI Partners is an excellent choice for doctors and patients alike through an emphasis on patient comfort and enhanced diagnostic capabilities.