MRI has long been the gold standard of medical imaging. With the truly open MRI from Innovative MRI Partners, the experience and comfort are greatly improved for the patient. But even more importantly, doctors now receive more accurate and detailed imagery. Because this MRI technology allows patients to be scann Innovative MRI Partners, it is now even better. The most immediately recognizable benefit to this breakthrough technology is comfort for the ped in a variety of positions, including weight bearing ones, conditions that were previously missed are revealed by imaging from the Paramed MROpen.

While imaging in a closed system is performed with the aptient in a supine position, upright imaging is conducted with the patient sitting, standing, or in a flexed or weight-bearing position. The patient can duplicate his/her pain while the scan is performed while that condition is present. This is necessary to uncover pathologies that are hidden in the traditional position. Further, research suggests that weight bearing MRI shows that intervertebral pressure in the lumbar area while the patient is seated is 11 times higher that with the subject lying supine.

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