Claustrophobia: that feeling of uncontrolled panic when you are in an enclosed space. Many sufferers of this condition feel their hearts race, can become light-headed, sweat, shake and even sometimes hyperventilate. A prime problem with traditional MRI scanners is that they can induce claustrophobic symptoms in people that normally are not affected by tight spaces. For actual claustrophobics, the closed MRI scanner can be terrifying.

Innovative Open MRI provides a groundbreaking system that eliminates the connection between MRI’s and claustrophobia. Though so-called “open MRI’s” have been around for some time now, most are not truly open. With Innovative Open MRI, you have the feeling of freedom with wide-open space in front of you, behind you, and above you. No enclosed scanners here.

View the testimonial video below to see how freeing our MRI scanner was to a claustrophobic sufferer.